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PHONE RECYCLE BUSINESS is a company that is revolutionizing the way we perceive and use mobile phones.We are more than just a refurbishment business: we are at the heart of a responsible and committed approach, a player in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and an active promoter of the circular economy.

Carbon Footprint Savings

As a reminder, the latest reports from ADEME in September  2022 state unequivocally that the average carbon footprint savings between choosing a new smartphone and a refurbished one is 87%.

87% carbon footprint savings for a similar customer experience and use!
How can one still hesitate?
General awareness & new regulations

High-quality refurbished products with new batteries!

The environment becomes partof the law.

Article 58 of the AGEC law requires public organizations to purchase a minimum of 20% of their mobile phone / IT purchases as refurbished items.

The environment becomes partof the law.

94% of professionals affirm that they could consider other opportunities if their company is not aligned with their personal values.

The environment becomes partof the law.

The Grenelle II law requires each company with more than 500employees to carry out a greenhouse gas assessment every 4 years, measuring progress

Visualize Your Company's Sustainable Impact

Thanks to this calculator from ADEME, you will be able to visualize in a macro way the carbon footprint savings, and your contribution as a company to actively participate in building a more committed future.

By joining Phone Recycle Business in the deployment of your new fleet of refurbished smartphones "Made in France" , we will provide you with precise calculations for your CSR report, Extra-Financial Performance Declaration or carbon footprint report, outlining the savings achieved thanks to your commitment to a refurbished mobile fleet.

I am ready to make a responsible choice for our planet

At PHONE RECYCLE BUSINESS, choosing a refurbished smartphone in France is more than just a simple rental. It is a commitment to sustainability, an affirmation of environmental consciousness, and an active participation in the circular economy.

Join us in our mission to make the refurbished smartphone the norm, rather than the exception. Join us in our quest for digital sobriety!

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