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Buying refurbished is good, renting refurbished is better!

renting refurbished is better!

PHONE RECYCLE BUSINESS offers refurbished smartphone leasing solutions to businesses seeking digital sobriety and budget control, without compromise on the products!

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High-quality refurbished products with new batteries!

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All Phone Recycle Business products benefitfrom our PremiumAfter-Sales Service with next-day product replacement

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To renew or equip your organization with a fleet of smartphones:
Two challenges: environmental and economic!

Reduce your Environmental Impact

Choosing a refurbished smartphone with Phone Recycle Businessmeans avoidingthe extraction of 82 kg of raw materials & theemission of 28 kg of greenhouse gasesper year*

Strengthen your CSR policy by promoting the circular economy andreducing your environmental footprint!

Optimize your Budget and Value your Employees

Products upto 55% cheaper than new ones, allowing significant budget savings, while also enabling the selection of high-value smartphones for employee equipment.

Phone Recycle Business offers integrated leasing solutions that help preserve the company's cash flow and borrowing capacity for other investments.

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Quality offers, flawless service

PHONE RECYCLE BUSINESS has been certified by AFNOR with the GUARANTEED FRENCH SERVICE since 2022.

Our products and services are produced in France, in Paris, at our 2500m2 production site, which has been doubly certified by AFNOR in 2022 and 2023, without any foreign out sourcing. This certification of excellence assures you of the quality of execution and traceability.

With Phone Recycle Business, benefit from a smartphone refurbishment service guaranteed in France, for uncompromising quality and proximity to our customers, there by reinforcing our promise of impeccable service and strong environmental responsibility.