CSR Commitments

Contributing to a sustainable and responsible future for our planet

At PRS, we understand the importance of social and environmental responsibility in today's world. Our commitment to CSR is an integral part of our vision and mission as a company, as we strive to create a better future for our planet and its inhabitants.

The significant part of the environmental impact of a smartphone comes from its design: the purchase of a second-hand smartphone reduces its carbon footprint by 87%, which represents a colossal challenge with regard to the 5.3 billion mobile users on the planet.

Social pillar

The Phone Recycle Solution Group has created over 100 jobs in Paris, promoting employment for young people from diverse backgrounds and priority neighborhoods of the city.

Societal Pillar

Our company has obtained the "Service France Guarantee" certification from Afnor in 2022, highlighting our commitment to doing business in France and creating local jobs. We are proud to be a 100% refurbished in France player.

We are committed to maintaining responsible sourcing and adhering to industry regulations and standards. Phone Recycle Solution actively fights against corruption and fraud, ensuring transparency and governance in all its activities.

Environmental Pillar

We fight against planned obsolescence and extend the lifespan of mobile devices. Our partnerships with specialized organizations ensure responsible waste management. Furthermore, in collaboration with the association "A Tree For You," we participate in tree planting projects in France to preserve biodiversity and reduce our carbon footprint.

Phone Recycle Solution places its CSR commitment at the heart of its mission, with a strong and responsible social, societal, and environmental impact.

We implement environmentally friendly practices by reducing our carbon footprint, using sustainable and eco-responsible materials, and recycling and repurposing electronic waste. Moreover, we optimize our energy consumption to minimize our impact on the environment.