Our Mission:
Empowering access to electronic products for as many as possible,
through reuse.

Communication between individuals is a fundamental right for everyone.
Smartphones, being the easiest means of accessing the internet, play a pivotal role.
Our belief rests on technology being affordable, accessible, and environmentally friendly to ensure this right.Given the rise in prices and climate change, the refurbished market is a solution for purchasing power and a decarbonized consumption.

In response to these challenges, the mission of Phone Recycle Solution is to democratize access to electronic devices by promoting and facilitating their reuse.
Our activity thus contributes to making digital technology accessible to everyone, acting as a lever for social and economic inclusion.

All decisions we make and actions we undertake aim to reduce the strain on our planet's resources, offset the rising cost of technology, and meet consumers' desires to access more eco-friendly products.

In summary, at Phone Recycle Solution, we are building the future of digital by reinventing its consumption.

Preferred supplier
of refurbished mobile devices

Founded in 2017, Phone Recycle Solution has established itself as the preferred supplier of refurbished mobile devices for the main market players, including operators, distributors, insurers, retailers, e-commerce platforms and now businesses.


This has been made possible by its strengths, unique on the market:

Its diversified and secure supply network
Its fully in-house industrial process
Its know-how and ability to process large volumes
Player in circular economy
and sustainable development

Phone Recycle Solution has been propelled by the second-hand market boom, but the consumer's need for information and reassurance remains extremely strong: Phone Recycle Solution contributes by offering a reliable solution and raising awareness of eco-friendly practices.

Phone Recycle Solution recycles several thousand smartphones per day at its Parisian workshops. The process includes aesthetic sorting, 53-point inspection, device reset, and disinfection. The company commits to producing a refurbished phone within 24 hours and can handle large volume orders with short lead times.

If the circular economy is part of its DNA, Phone Recycle Solution is a committed company that makes significant efforts in environmental and social aspects. Its key words: environment, digital inclusion, and social integration.

The impact of a refurbished device is on average 3 times lower than that of producing a new device. Phone Recycle Solution has prevented the emission of over 83,200 tons of CO2 equivalent.

In the history
Phone Recycle Solution looks back on the
highlights that have marked its history

July: Establishment of Phone Recycle Solution. First office located near Bastille in Paris.


January: Relocation to Cap 18, in Paris 18th district. Phone Recycle Solution now operates a 500m2 refurbishment workshop.


First expansion. Phone Recycle Solution acquires the adjacent premises. This 700m2 extension allows the company to support its rapid growth.


Our teams have refurbished more than 500,000 devices. Our eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions cater to an ever-growing demand for refurbished phones.


Phone Recycle Solution takes on a new dimension by extending its distribution network and gaining the trust of renowned partners. Phone Recycle Solution achieves three-digit growth! Our teams are growing in numbers. We now have around a hundred employees.

1st half 2022

February: Phone Recycle Solution obtains its very first "Guaranteed French Service" certification.

March: to mark World Recycling Day, Phone Recycle Solution organises the first Brut.shop live event in its workshops, recording an audience of 4.6 million views.

2nd half of 2022

September: to mark its 5th anniversary, Phone Recycle Solution welcomes its customers and inaugurates its 3rd extension, enabling the company to optimise its production line over more than 2,500m2.

October: Phone Recycle Solution launches a refurbished smartphone rental solution for businesses and public authorities, called Phone Recycle Business.


Phone Recycle Solution publishes the results of its first carbon footprint assessment carried out in 2022 for the year 2021 on scopes 1, 2, and 3.Phone Recycle Solution embarks on the certification process for ISO QSE standards (Quality, Safety, Environment).