After Sale Service

The winning bet of a French
after-sales service

A refurbished smartphone from the workshops of Phone Recycle Solution is guaranteed for one year. In the event of a problem with one of our products, the end user contacts our After-Sales Service directly. Our 30 customer advisers, all based in Paris, respond on your behalf.You sell our phones, we manage the after-sales service for you.

Our after-sales service and our Customer Service,  a guarantee of quality for your
Your customer's smartphone has a problem: what should you do?

In the event of a fault occurring during the warranty period, the owner of the phone simply needs to contact us. They can do this either by telephone or by visiting the Phone Recycle Solution after-sales platform and selecting the "Report a fault" section. They can then track the progress of their request in real time via their customer area.

A responsive and efficient
after-sales service

Phone Recycle Solution's after-sales service is based in Paris. About thirty competent agents work just above our repair shops.

This proximity allows us to be responsive and efficient.Our after-sales service was certified Service France Garanti in February 2022.

After-sales service
in 8 languages

Although our after-sales service is based in Paris and certified Service France Garanti, 8 languages ​​are spoken there.

This allows us to meet the demands of your customers across Europe: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish and Dutch.

Refurbished smartphone:
The Phone Recycle Solution warranty

Each smartphone refurbished by Phone Recycle Solution has a one-year warranty. It can be activated from our website or by telephone.
However, a device cannot be supported in the following situations:

1. Device broken and/or shocked
2. Device opened or damaged by a service outside Phone Recycle Solution
3. Device exhibiting frame twist
4. Oxidized device, with or without the presence of water
5. Improper handling of device software
6. Active iCloud account