Offer for Insurers
A Strong and Customized Partnership for Your Needs

Discover the offer specifically designed for insurers by Phone Recycle Solution (PRS), the market leader in refurbished smartphones. With our expertise and flexibility, we provide a tailor-made solution to meet the needs of your business and your clients.

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Advantages of our offer
for insurers
High production capacities

Our Parisian workshops enable us to process a large volume of refurbished smartphones, making us particularly suited to meet the demands of operators.

Quality Assurance

All our refurbished smartphones undergo rigorous quality control and meet the standards expected by insurers and their clients. Offer your clients reliable and high-performing products while ensuring their satisfaction.

Preferential Pricing

As a PRS partner insurer, you benefit from preferential pricing on our refurbished smartphone catalog. Enjoy competitive prices to optimize your replacement costs and maintain customer satisfaction.

Fast and Secure Delivery

With our optimized logistics, we guarantee fast and secure delivery of refurbished smartphones for your clients. Reduce waiting times and ensure a flawless customer experience.

Dedicated After-sales Service

We set up an after-sales service specifically dedicated to partner insurers' clients, with a single point of contact for each insurer. Ensure optimal after-sales case tracking and guarantee efficient and transparent management.

By choosing Phone Recycle Solution's offer for insurers, you opt for a strong and customized partnership that meets your needs. Strengthen your value proposition by offering your clients high-quality refurbished smartphones and benefit from personalized support to meet your requirements.
Together, let's build a long-lasting and high-performing partnership.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about our offer for insurers and discover how we can help you optimize your claims management and improve your clients' satisfaction.