Refurbished phone and
optimized logistics

At Phone Recycle Solution, we understand the importance of efficient and well-organized logistics to provide our customers with quality service and fast delivery times. That's why we have developed specific logistics expertise to meet our customers' needs and optimize our supply chain.

Two Strategically Located Sites
in Ile-de France

To effectively meet the logistical needs of our business, we have set up two sites in Ile-de-France:

1st Location
Reception & Production

A 2,000m² site for reception and production, where our teams of technicians and experts work on refurbishing and repairing phones.

2nd Location
Storage & Shipping

A 300m² site dedicated to dropshipping and large volumes, enabling us to manage large orders and store a large number of products ready for dispatch.

These strategically located sites enable us to ensure fast order processing and short
delivery times.
Industry-specific Information Systems and IMEI Traceability

We have developed industry-specific information systems for optimal inventory management and complete traceability of our products. Each device is tracked using its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, allowing us to know its history, features, and condition at any time. IMEI traceability also allows us to guarantee the quality of our products and ensure they meet the required safety and performance standards.

Adapted and Secure Storage

We have a modern and secure warehouse to store our products and spare parts. Our storage system is organized to facilitate order processing and minimize delivery times. Additionally, we implement strict procedures to ensure traceability and quality of our products throughout the logistics chain.

Dedicated and Competent Team

Our logistics team consists of experienced professionals who ensure that each step of the logistics process runs smoothly. They work closely with our technicians and engineers to guarantee fast and quality service to our customers.

Partnerships with Trusted Carriers

We have established partnerships with reliable and recognized carriers to ensure fast and secure delivery of our products. We closely monitor each shipment and offer comprehensive tracking to our customers, allowing them to know the status of their order at any time.

In short, at Phone Recycle Solution, our logistics expertise is at the heart of our commitment to providing quality service and reliable refurbished products to our customers.
Thanks to our optimized supply chain, secure storage and dedicated team, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers' needs and provide them with an exceptional shopping experience.