Phone Recycle Solution
A Partner of Choice
for Telecom Operators

Customized offers and production capacities tailored to operators' requirements
Phone Recycle Solution is the preferred partner for telecom operators seeking quality smartphone refurbishment solutions. Thanks to our expertise and significant production capacities, we offer customized solutions tailored to the needs of operators.

Benefits for operators
High production

Our Parisian workshops enable us to process a large volume of refurbished smartphones, making us particularly suited to meet the demands of operators.

Product availability

We are committed to providing a regular stock of refurbished smartphones to meet the needs of operators, regardless of the number of points of sale involved.

Competitive prices
and margins

PRS offers attractive prices and competitive margins for operators, allowing them to present appealing offers to their customers.Demonstration products: We can provide operators with demonstration products, allowing customers to experience the quality of our refurbished smartphones directly in-store.

Quality and aesthetics

All our refurbished smartphones undergo rigorous quality control and meet the aesthetic standards expected by operators and their customers.


By choosing Phone Recycle Solution, operators actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and support a responsible circular economy.

Partnerships for phone recovery through buyback and trade-in programs

PRS already collaborates with operators and seeks to further develop these partnerships for phone recovery collected during buyback and trade-in programs. We help operators maximize the value of recovered devices while contributing to reducing the environmental impact associated with smartphone consumption.

Trust Phone Recycle Solution to meet your business's specific
needs for refurbished smartphones.
Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our offers dedicated to operators and discover how we can support you in your journey.